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Entry #2

News Post 2013!!!

11/14/13 by SCTE3

Wow, has it really been since 2009 that I made a news post? Needless to say, people change, I'm no exception. This cat has been changing a lot over the years. To think then, I was still kind of immature and now I help run the Review Request Club.

Anyways, where do I begin? This cat is going more into a music orientated direction and working on an album that will most likely be out by next February. I also no longer identify as one gender and slowly transitioning to the other gender. This is something that makes me feel incredibly happy for the first time in an incredibly long time.

Really looking forward to the rest of this year and what 2014 will bring! <3

Stay wonderful everyone! <3 <3


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6 days ago

I'm still going to steal those nunchuks you got. Planning the heist and everything as I type this. Watch your ass.

6 days ago SCTE3 responds:

Have fun. :)


2 weeks ago

uh oh

2 weeks ago SCTE3 responds:

Spaghetti-O's! :D


3 weeks ago

The bass, the rock
The mic, the treble
I like my coffee black
Just like my metal


3 weeks ago SCTE3 responds:

Cause I can't wait for you
To fuck me up in a minute
A minute
A second!


1 month ago

: )

3 weeks ago SCTE3 responds:

< 3


1 month ago

Late happy birthday, make another newspost you lazy cat O.o

3 weeks ago SCTE3 responds:

Thanks, and my next news post is going to be on April 12th. Going to be extra special. <3



Happy Belated Birthday, going by the post Melindi made.
Good luck with you're music.
I'm going into programming and hoping to someday make a really epic game on here.
Hoping to try and send in atleast one project this year, but I rather not rush things.
The last game I made a lot of people complained about...

3/9/14 SCTE3 responds:

Thanks and yes, take time, practice, and get better. :)




3/9/14 SCTE3 responds:

I know. :3



Happy Birthday :3

3/9/14 SCTE3 responds:

Thanks lil sister. :3

Make a new newspost. >:P

2/25/14 SCTE3 responds:

Soon... have patience my friend. :)



Make a new newspost.

2/22/14 SCTE3 responds:

Actually, planning to do so in the next couple of weeks. Just hang tight and wait. :)

Boats and Hoes

2/19/14 SCTE3 responds:

Boats and hoes
Boats and hoes
Got have me my boats and hoes!



cats n titties

12/31/13 SCTE3 responds:

titties n cats



Never even meeting you, I could tell you were gender confused back in the day.

12/24/13 SCTE3 responds:

Yea, I just felt it was better to help people confirm I am. <3



oh wow I thought I'd never see you make a new news post.

12/8/13 SCTE3 responds:

I had the same thoughts for awhile because I felt and saw no need or reason to make a new one.



Congrats, Scte3! You are now the 3rd person on this site that I know that is transsexual.

12/4/13 SCTE3 responds:

Thank you. <3 Yea, I know of a couple as well. Nice people usually. :)

Silly kitty, cat isn't a gender.

12/2/13 SCTE3 responds:

Meow meow moon! :3



Which gender to which gender? Or do you not identify as one of the genders anymore? If you want to, you can just answer "cat".

12/1/13 SCTE3 responds:

From cat to cat. :3



are you getting surgery for going from [gender] to [gender]?

11/27/13 SCTE3 responds:

Yes, won't be 100% [gender] but I'll be close enough to happiness.



Wait, was that really your old username?

11/26/13 SCTE3 responds:

Indeed it was. I was a dumb kitten back then. :(

hope stuff works out for you shadowchaotailsevil3 i used to identify as a catholic stuck in the body of a protestant but the transition was less dramatic than i expected . . . bad boys for life!

11/25/13 SCTE3 responds:

"Omg my old username gets a mention" :3
Yea, I get the analogy, very, very clever. <3



Are any songs on your album going to be like this masterpiece?

11/24/13 SCTE3 responds:

Most likely not. :P



Still wishing ya the best of luck on the big transition <3

11/20/13 SCTE3 responds:

Thanks a bunch Rad! <3



No, I meant I already thought you were [gender]. You just seem [gender adjective] and positive already. I guess you come here to let your inner [gender] out, then?

11/20/13 SCTE3 responds:

Pretty much <3



Whaaat? I thought you were [gender] not [gender]!

11/20/13 SCTE3 responds:

I know right. But when you've lived unhappily as [gender] for so long, you need to change so you can be happy and more positive in life.



Judging by the title it seems... there may be only this one news post this year? :O That's good news though, awkward to my ear but good to hear life's going good!

Btw, to answer that question you posted in the club a... month ago probably, I usually write much more elaborate reviews for submissions when the review's been requested, for popular submissions there's not always the same room for feedback.

11/16/13 SCTE3 responds:

Only news post for the rest of the year, and yes, good ot hear life is getting better.

I can understand that, with popular submissions, the artists are usually in little to no need for reviews on how to better themselves.

omigosh thank you!

11/15/13 SCTE3 responds:

Quite welcome. :)



I'd never think you would ever make a newpost ever again.

11/15/13 SCTE3 responds:

Surprise surprise. :3



Congrats! Looking forward to that new album! <3


11/15/13 SCTE3 responds:

Thanks! <3
Hug <3



Yay to the new newspost, strange from my perspective since I make one every week ^^

11/14/13 SCTE3 responds:

I just never saw a point in making a new one. Decided to scrap my 100 comments goal and just make a new one. Not like I was likely to ever hit that dumb goal anyways. <3

Welcome back!!

11/14/13 SCTE3 responds:

I never left but thank you for the kind comment. Lovely icon by the way. :D



Oh man, a change! I'ma christen this page!

11/14/13 SCTE3 responds:

OH SNAP! Things are getting sexy! <3